Speakers' stand, lectern






  • Build-up: laminated furniture panel
  • Height: 1120 mm
  • Adjustment range: 150 mm
  • Accessoires:
    • microphone (on the left or on the right side)
    • amplifier
    • built-in loudspeaker
    • handles (for easy portability)
    • built-in wheels

Metal benches for indoor or outdoor use

  • Material: perforated iron sheet, bended pipe, adjustable feet
  • Coating: baked-on paint finish
  • Colors: white or by choice
  • Width: 204 cm (4 pers.), 154 cm (3 pers.), 64 cm (1 pers.)

Medical furniture

Exam and doctor chairs.

Instrument and computer stands.

Other medical instruments.

Exam chair set.

Medical desk set.

Exam bed for adults or for children.

Medical high desk.

Projector stand.